Freedom Token


Freedom Token is created for all the people who are watching how the new world is starting to take form. There will only be 10.000.000 Freedom for now and forever. Please use them for good only. Together we can and will create a world of Freedom with abundance and love!

Why we created this token:

This is an experiment to see how a token can create it’s own value, just by buying and selling. So people, let’s make this a huge succes. Freedom for all of Humanity! Let’s make this work, together we will win! UNITED for FREEDOM!

Our vision about Freedom:

Freedom is one of the primair needs of humanity. In freedom we can live happily together on this beautifull planet. Freedom is something we can create by working together, being cooprative, having respect for eachothers opinions and so on. Freedom to make our own choises, to live life in a way we want to with respect to others needs and wishes.

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