I Love You Token

I Love You Token

Made by HEART, send by HEART, I LOVE YOU!!!

Why we created this Token:

This token is created as a cryptocurrency to provide a new way of payments, paying with the message of I Love You. Our first intend in creating this token is to tell Patriots and Lightworkers Worldwide “I Love You”!!!

Also we want you to know that we appreciate what you have accomplished so far in waking people up and bringing light to this world! As soon as we created this token we realized that the message of “I Love You” can be used by everybody in this world who loves somebody and has a bigger meaning because eventually everybody in the world has people who they like to say “I Love You” to. The more love we spread in this world the faster we will realize a nicer, better and safer world full of harmony for all of humanity.

We want to spread the message of “I Love You” worldwide because we understand that this message goes way deeper than any other message in the entire world.

We want to connect Patriots, Lightworkers and all people involved in creating a new and safe world.

Also we made this token so people can say “I Love You” to all their loved ones in a playful way.


There are only 100B I Love You tokens now and forever. Conditions will not be changed in the future! This token is native to the Stellar Network.

Although we have conditions with the I Love You tokens please remember… True Love is Unconditionally!


Team “I Love You Token

Contact : info@Iloveyoutoken.com

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